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Discovery 180™ Technology Selection Process

Discovery 180™Fit it Right the First Time

If the Initial 90™ Technology Risk Review exposes a need for new technology, or you already know it is time to update your existing technology, Prymak employs a fact-based, systematic selection and decision-making process that will help you make the best technology selection.

Rather than trying to force-fit your needs to an existing software or virtual SAS solution, Prymak’s proven process requires technology vendors to actually demonstrate how they will meet your exact specifications. From helping to write the RFP to managing the search process, this technique ensures that you select the best technologies to support your specific process needs. Our industry experience and certifications enable us to understand your challenges, while our impartial approach to vendors means you get the best solution for your institution and customers.

If you would like to find out more about Discovery 180™ and what it can do for your institution, please contact Prymak here.

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